To preserve healthy body and mind, I need to be constantly on the move. Right now I oscillate between two completely different landscapes - Cool Mountains and Hong Kong. Acting as excellent storytellers, the spirits of past and present still haunt these places and write their texts into minds of locals.

Highway to Asia

Bulgaria 2012. Lomo LC-A / Kodak 200


Istanbul and Karaburun, 2012. Lomo LC-A / Kodak

29.11.2012, 10:45 #Izmir  #Analog  #Karaburun  

Czech Republike

Lomo LC-A / Kodak

21.11.2012, 22:01 #Břeclav  #Písek  #Český Krumlov  

Bécs ist BAΛKAN!

Vienna is Balkans! Lomo LC-A / Kodak

14.11.2012, 02:21 #Analog  #Art  #Austria  

Children of the Sun

Macedonia is a true "melting pot" of Balkans. Lomo LC-A / Kodak


Lomo LC-A / Kodak 200

28.10.2012, 15:00 #Prague  #Czech Republic  #Analog  

Voidness in progress

Lomo LC-A / Kodak 100

18.10.2012, 03:43 #China  #Chengdu  #Analog  

Foundation of the Republic

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak Portra 160

08.10.2012, 11:10 #Festivities  #Analog  #China  

Chinese Underground

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak (dia)

26.09.2012, 00:43 #Chengdu  #Analog  #China  

The daily reality of Nuosu People

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak (dia)

10.09.2012, 14:10 #Festivities  #China  #Xide  

How to treat and successfully cure Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

A couple of years ago, my (now former) girlfriend and I went to the Philippines for holiday. Everyday around 3 pm the snow white beaches turned into a haven of sandflies. It's a bit tricky if they bite you because you don't feel anything at the moment. Sandflies are just too small, they can even fly thru your mosquito net. Usually, the same day during the evening, you will see a huge red itching spot on your skin. After one or more days, tiny little blisters filled with yellow liquid appears on the spot of the bite. This is what is called „Cutaneous...

05.09.2012, 19:36 #Tropical diseases  

Weizhou Island - an unexpected stronghold of Jesuits

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak (dia)

Roasting pan without a cake

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak (dia)

30.08.2012, 00:29 #Forbidden City  #China  #Beijing  

Ethnic minorities of Macedonia

16.08.2012, 16:23 #Macedonia  #Skopje  #Museum  

Spirit of Lugu lake

Holga 120 GCFN / Kodak E100

11.08.2012, 18:00 #Longbu  #Mosuo people  #Yunnan  
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