To preserve healthy body and mind, I need to be constantly on the move. Right now I oscillate between two completely different landscapes - Cool Mountains and Hong Kong. Acting as excellent storytellers, the spirits of past and present still haunt these places and write their texts into minds of locals.

Floating in Nanjing

07.07.2007, 16:45 #China  #Nanjing  

Lonely loner in Shanghai... Alone...

04.07.2007, 13:35 #Shanghai  #China  

Thru Mongolia and Baikal lake to Moscow

18.08.2006, 00:33 #Mongolia  #Baikal lake  #Russia  


01.08.2006, 00:22 #Beijing  #Statues and temples  #China  


28.07.2006, 00:10 #Statues and temples  #China  #Xi'an  

Yunnan: Dali and Lijiang

24.07.2006, 23:59 #China  #Statues and temples  #Yunnan  

Guangxi - Yangshuo and Longji

13.07.2006, 23:45 #Imprints of the Past  #Yangshuo  #Longji  

Hongkong and Macao

10.07.2006, 23:25 #Hong Kong  #China  #Macao  

Redd in Prague

21.04.2006, 21:21 #Music  #Prague  #Czech Republic  

Sayag Jazz Machine

27.03.2006, 19:23 #Music  #Drinkin'  #Czech Republic  

Didier Awadi

It was wednesday evening and I had no plan for the evening. I was thinking about studying for an exam, which awaits me in two months - as I did for the three last evenings, but then my mobile phone rang and on the other end of the line was my friend Martin telling me, that he is going to the gig of Didier Awadi tonight... "Who is that?" is asked him. "Dunno, but heard that he is from Senegal and he totally rocked the place at Fleda club in the second biggest Czech city Brno!" he replied. Then I asked about entrance fee... "Three hundred crowns? Man, I am no...

22.03.2006, 13:20 #Music  #Czech Republic  #Prague  

Perpignan, Barcelona and Festa d'Hiver

"Step on the gas! FULL THROTTLE!" I was shouting to Tyna, my friend, who was currently behind the steering wheel. I was jokin', because we were approaching Perpignan some 6 hours before the gig - in our small Citroën Saxo car and behind us was a half of the Europe - 20 hours of driving, 1600 kms... Yep, the same car that took us to Amsterdam to see Asian Dub Foundation gig now covered a distance from Prague to the southern France. We were tired, but anxious to see our friend, who studies in Perpignan and we were really lookin' forward to go to Festa d'Hiver...

23.11.2005, 12:32 #Barcelona  #Andorra  #Music  

London 2005

We arrived to London with a 6 hour delay (thank you very much immigration officers), so everything was very quick. I can say that we entered Herbal right from the bus. A few moments before we met Redd at Liverpool station and the evening was about to start! I returned back to this place after one year with a good memories of course! So there was no problem to find a way to Herbal for me. The last time I visited this club, I saw (and heard :-)) an ultimate Nasha Eastern Drums and Breaks show, after which I was hovering on the enge of the death... THAT tired I was from dancing and partying......

30.10.2005, 18:54 #United Kingdom  #London  

Looptroop Rockers

The Looptroop Carnival in da house! Hell yeah, well-known and (d'apres moi) mos def the best european hiphop crew brought their phat beatz in the capital of Czech Republic. The loud and angry swedish vikings were about to make an outstanding show in the most known czech club - Roxy. I entered the club in a company of famous MC Monno from the Prague-based hiphop crew called Projekt-ill and his girlfriend (Eva, thanx for the tickets!). It was full of young people, wearing FUBU stuff and showing, that hiphop is not only music, but also the fucking way of living... The start was...

08.10.2005, 14:07 #Music  #Czech Republic  #Prague  

Lyon Calling Tour

One day I checked the official website of Roxy, the most known Prague club, which was closed during the summer because of reconstructionand I find out, that the famous french group Le Peuple de l'Herbe is coming to the town... I was very happy, because I missed themearly this year in Köln, Germany. And it wasn't all. On the internet I found out, that Le Peuple are coming in a company of 2 other french bands - electronic dub experimentatorsHigh Tone and afro-ethno-jazz group Mei Tei Sho...Lyon calling tour - that is the name of this mini-festival, which is a creation of this 3 groups...

17.09.2005, 14:01 #Music  #Prague  #Czech Republic  
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