To preserve healthy body and mind, I need to be constantly on the move. Right now I oscillate between two completely different landscapes - Cool Mountains and Hong Kong. Acting as excellent storytellers, the spirits of past and present still haunt these places and write their texts into minds of locals.

Awesome Dreadzone, Apocalyptica and Stereo MCs and too much cocaine and booze for Adam Freeland - Love Planet 2005

Our car was closing to the place and we heard the fast beats from the TechnoTent. The Love Planet festival was starting. We built our tents in a festival city very fast and went to the gate. Sadly there were some stupid rules from the production people. Like - no cameras, no food or drink, no nothing... Not very "customer-oriented" security guys didn't let me in because of my camera. I had long argument with them. Luckily my friend had a luck and met the main organisator of the festival. He told the security, that he will accompany me to the storage room, where I will leave...

14.08.2005, 19:19 #Drinkin'  #Czech Republic  #Tábor  

CzechTekk - a happening against a police brutality

This is a result of the police brutality. Many protests during the last days happened in all bigger cities of Czech Republic. What happened? Czech police, using tear gas, water cannons and rough power against CzechTek party participants and visitors. Many people were injured on the both sides. The CzechTek was situated on the south of Czech Republic on a legally rented field, which has its own road to it. Police blocked the road and caused, that on the highway stucked many cars and of course blocked the way, because this road is the last exit before the German border. Police made the...

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Berlin (Nomad Soundsystem, Visionary Underground, Nitin Sawhney, Buttercuts 400)

WOW! Watta event! I was in Berlin, a capital of Germany, on my own. So while I was walking to the Arena, I was thinking about a lot of things. How many people will be there? Will I meet someone to talk with? And the lineup? The last question was answered in a minute. A lady from the ticket office was sticking the paper with lineup to the wall right in time, when I was walking around. So I saw, that as a first group will perform local Nomad Soundsystem, second the main star of this event - Nitin Sawhney with his new album Philtre tour, third Visionary Underground - the reason, why I am in...

26.07.2005, 12:08 #Berlin  #Music  #Germany  

Romanian mountains and capitals of Slovakia and Hungary

15.07.2005, 19:09 #Bratislava  #Cluj Napoca  #Romania  

Asian Dub Foundation in Roxy, Prague and the following tunnell afterparty

The whole day we were waiting for the ADF gig. Remembering the experience from Amsterdam and hoped, that the show will be at least that good as in the city of weed. We were a little worried about the fact, that Roxy have to close at 10 pm from May 2005, because of the arguments with the citizens living near this club. We were let to the club ten minutes after 7 pm. Pandit G was already on the stage, playing d'n'b and jungle sets, which were more powerful, when the performance of ADF crew was close. Sad thing is, that Roxy is famous for its crappy sound, especially a sound of the...

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Interview with Deeder Zaman

One day I asked Deeder Zaman, producer, founder of the band Rebel Uprising, former Asian Dub Foundation member and successful lyricist and MC, if he would mind if I ask him a few questions. He wasn't against it, better to say that he agreed with my suggestion, so I had written him an e-mail with questions - and one day later I had it back - with carefully filled responses... In what age did you first pick up the microphone? 6th century bc, was the only time god would give birth to me (out of order I know) - age nine. You joined Asian Dub Foundation in 1993, when you were...

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EU Roadtrip

15.03.2005, 18:28 #Music  #Vianden  #France  

London 2004

31.12.2004, 18:50 #London  #United Kingdom  

Southern Spain

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Greek Sporades - Skiathos and Alonissos

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When I came near to Roxy on THE day, I saw, I (near-to-fifty-coffin-man) am wrong on place, I was WAY the oldest sucker around, (my dear friend ROP some 15 year younger than me was the second one of this sort) everywhere young hiphop people wearing wu-wear-alike stuff, showing, that hiphop is THE fuckin' way of living, not only music ... but what a heck. I survived the stupid typical Roxy organisation on the beginning, worked out throught the not very neat and customer oriented bothering bodyguards to the stage, spent there allmost two hours waiting for .... what? For the...

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Kraliky Festival 2002

21.07.2002, 19:10 #Drinkin'  #Czech Republic  #Music  

Busy Weekend

18.06.2001, 15:03 #Prague  #Czech Republic  #Drinkin'  


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Citadela café

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