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In the late january I have decided to go to see ADF gig abroad. My first idea was to go to their hometown – London. But I was in London at New Year’s Eve, so I decided to go to Amsterdam. There were several good reasons for it – I have never been in Holland, some of my „virtual mates“ (Jurg, K) from ADF discussion board are living in Holland and the last one – I wanted to experience the „free smoking zone“. At the first time i was about to buy a low-cost air ticket. But then I told my idea to my Prague friends and they went in... So – 20.4. we took two cars (8 people) and during the nite we were on our way to Amsterdam... It was quite exhausting, because we got almost no sleep (I didn’t sleep for the whole night). But we made it (even that 30 km before Amsterdam was the biggest traffic jam I have ever seen – it really sucks – being stuck for 3 hours on the highway). So we made it to the campsite (Zeeburg), met with Jurg, K and Yuri (cool Slovak guy, who studies in Germany – near Hannover) and everything was ready for one of the best shows I have ever been to.

Because Jurg knows Amsterdam, we have found Melkweg venue, the place where the show took it’s place, very soon. Just a little disturbing thing was, that we had to buy a club membership (along with tickets, which was bought by Tyna – one of my Prague friends – part of her family lives in Holland, so she managed it to buy a tickets in a presale). And then it started – about 21:15 (show should have started at 21:00) the whole ADF crew appeared on the stage and started the concert with song called „Blowback“ from the „Enemy of the Enemy“ album...

The club wasn’t full, but there were many people – ideal combination. Sound was totally perfect in comparison with Czech Republic clubs. In CZ you can see a lot of cool band from the whole world (even brasilian Sepultura – CZ is their favourite destination), but Czech soundmakers are really lame... And climatisation worked propertly, so there were no problem with breathing...

We were right in front of the stage – in the first line and we were partying very much. The first three lines were pretty started up by following tracks such as „New Way New Life“, „Taa Deem“ or the totally kickass track (for me) „Rise to the Challenge“. But the rest of the audience weren’t very active. Especially those lazyasses on the balconies.

As the most pupmed up track I considered „Fortress Europe“, before which had Chandrasonic a short speech about immigration. Ghetto Priest’s new voice input I consider as another step forward for the band, even the good old things sounded with his voice pretty cool! I was very surprised with abilities of Lord Kimo, the second MC, who replaced MC Aktarvata, who left the band after featuring on „Enemy of the Enemy“ album. I didn’t like his inputs on the new album „Tank“ too much, but his live performace he was totally wicked! He has Philiphino roots and the same as Aktar, he was part of ADFED branch band called „Invasian“. Looks like ADF won’t have any troubles with new MCs (even when Deeder Zaman left the band in 2001, because he was sick of touring and wanted try some other work, such as human rights organisation running – however, after 18 months without music he started the Rebel Uprising band – his dubut album will be out in this summer.).

The concert ended after 2 hours and 10 minutes, what is, I think, fair enough! And we have experienced a wonderful moments. And even that taking photos and recording videos was strictly forbidden, I made probably the best bootleg ever :-). And the good thing is, that ADF members appreciates that, these restfictions were set by a club managment, not by a band management. Photos and videos can be seen on my ADF fansite – http://adf.karosh.cz (even with english mutation) – photos – section „Fotky“ (next to the headline is a link to switch the text to english languege) and videos in section „Media“ (english – the same case as „Fotky“).

I missed „Free Satpal Ram“ (Ram was released from the prison, so there is no point for play this song :-)) and my favourite „Buzzin’“ (the played this one with the new MCs only in Oslo 2003 tour – the input on Deeder Zaman is unreplaceable in this one)...

As you may see on ADF official website – the touring list is really mad – they play for example 8  within 10 days – really amazing.

After the end of Tour 2005, ADF members will focus of the project called „Quaddafi opera“ for ENO (English National Opera) – the very first MC based opera in the building of ENO ever... Premiere date is set to summer 2006, so i will try to catch the premiere... And then? Probably new album. If you want to place your musical ideas for the new album, you are always welcomed on ADF discussion board....

The gig ended and we went to our campsite for biiig sleep, because we were totally exhausted! And the days after? We enjoyed wonderful weekend in Amsterdam together!

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